PML-N always prioritized national interests: Shehbaz Sharif

LAHORE:Punjab Chief Minister Mohammad Shehbaz Sharif on Friday said the government of the Pakistan Muslim League-N always prioritized national interests and projects of national development had been moved further with high quality and speed despite different obstacles.

He was talking to members of the assembly belonging to different districts of the province who called on him.

The chief minister said the elements that staged sit-in were trying to create hindrances in the country again for their personal agenda and added that these defeated political elements were doing enmity with the nation with politics of chaos for their personal gains.

The national stability was pivotal for development and prosperity and projects initiated during the present tenure of the PML-N had no resemblance in the 70 years history of the country, he said.

Every project of the present government was a symbol of transparency, high quality and speed while billions of rupees had also been saved in various mega projects , he said. On one side, the stories of transparency and public service had been written and on the other side, mendacity and baseless allegations had been alleged, he added.

The elements involved in leveling baseless allegations and concocted blames were not sincere to the nation, he said. These elements had tried to obstruct the journey of development and prosperity at every step, but the conscious nation had failed every attempt of opponents of development, he added.

He said that precious time of the nation was wasted due to sit-in and the journey of development was obstructed while the country was made bankrupted in the previous tenure due to unabated plunder of national resources. The elements that had tried to impede the journey of development and ruined the national economy through corruption would be held accountable, he added.

The CM said that due to the corruption of the past rulers, the nation faced poverty and darkness of load-shedding. Similarly, problems of people were increased due to the negative behavior of the elements who had created hurdles in the development projects.

He said that due to hardwork of the PML-N government, the country had moved to road to progress and the dark clouds hovering for the last many years had been exuviate due to continued struggle of the PML-N government spanning over more than four years.

Those who called on the chief minister included MNAs Rana Mohammad Hayat and Mohammad Moin Wattoo, Special Assistant Malik Saleem Iqbal, MPAs Mehdi Abbas Langha and Mehmoodul Hassan Cheema, Chairman District Council Gujranwala Mazhar Qayyum Nahra and former MNA Mudassar Qayyum Nahra.