PML-N to achieve all targets of economic prosperity

LAHORE: The Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) is leading the country towards economic growth and it will achieve all targets of making Pakistan a prosperous country.

PML-N MNA Waheed Aalam Khan said this while talking to reporter here on Thursday.

He said that almost all sectors of national economy were showing progress and every one knew that it was because of the conducive environment provided by the government.

Quoting examples, he said that Pakistan’s GDP growth was recorded at 5.3% during the fiscal year 2016-17. The agriculture and services sectors got substantial growth.

He elaborated that increase in agriculture growth was because the government provided easy loans and other facilities to farmers. He said that iron and steel products got 20.26 % growth while automobile 11.41%, pharmaceuticals 9.1%, electronics 15.11% etc.

The MNA said initiatives taken by the government for increasing exports also yielded positive results.

He said that foreign researchers from the Harvard University’s center for international development had predicted an average of 6% growth in GDP of Pakistan over next 10 years.

The party would leave no stone unturned for betterment of the masses and will continue to deliver the best services for the country as per its commitment, he added.