PR devises business plan to revamp department

LAHORE:The Pakistan Railways has formed a comprehensive business plan to revamp the department on modern lines under directions of the Supreme Court. According to the PR sources on Thursday, under the devised plan by a team of officers from the headquarters and the ministry, the PR would provide a safe and economical journey to passenger and cargo services. International experts connected to the department under an international development partnership will review the plan. A chief operating superintendent to monitor safety and timings has been already appointed. A special conference of the concerned staff will also be held to ensure safety on monthly basis.

The second part of the plan is based on promotion of automation. For an effective implementation on the plan, degitlisation and information technology will be used and all administrative, financial and operational issues will computerized. Under the third part of the plan, private sector will be included in operational matters while track improvement and stock manufacturing would be processed through joint venturing and public private partnership. The PR has already initiated work on out-sourcing of Royal Palm and hospitals. Several parties are contacting the PR for utilizing track access policy of it. This plan will be able to modified according to the ML-1 project.