Security remained tight in city

LAHORE:The security of mosques and imambargahs remained tight on the occasion of the third

Jummatul Mubarik of Ramadan in the provincial capital.

DIG Operations Sajid Kiani said that 5,000 officials had been deputed for security duty of masajid and imambargahs

in the city.

The DIG Operations had issued directions to SPs, DSPs and SHOs to ensure foolproof security arrangements and

personally reviewed measures.

The Dolphin Squad and Police Response Unit remained alert while officials also checked vehicles and

people at entry and exit points in the city.

The police conducted search operations around sensitive areas in which Dolphin Squad, PRU, Elite Force,

security agencies and policemen participated. The police also checked people in various parts of the city

with the help of biometric and the latest android devices.