Shehbaz Sharif censures Imran Niazi for opposing Orange Line Train

LAHORE:Chief Minister Punjab Mohammad Shehbaz Sharif was very happy in the unveiling ceremony of first Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) on its arrival at Lahore.

The chief minister after the opening ceremony visited the train and examined its various parts with Chinese Consulate General and Project Manager.

Official of China Railways and Project Director of Metro Train presented CM with the symbolic key.

In his speech, the chief minister shared that he was advised to wear Orange shirt in accord with the OLMT but he chose to wear green as Green Line has been accomplished in the form of Metro Bus project.

The chief minister censured Imran Naizi and his followers who were opposing the grand project of public interest and further added that an official of PTI went to court against this. They were unable to start metro train in Peshawar from last four years. In contrary to this if there have been government of PML (N), not only in Peshawar but other cities would also been enjoying blessings of Metro Buses.

He said we should talk sensibly and amiably as once he also has done this mistake and spoke ill of a person who was masked in corruption however, he apologized later. Naizi Sahib needs to mend his own ways before pointing fingers on others, he added.