Train fare rationalization not to affect majority passengers

LAHORE: Rationalisation of fare of some trains will not affect majority of rail passengers which will raise total income of Pakistan Railways to an amount of Rs 2.1 billion. This was said by the PR Minister’s Director Media Ali Nawaz while talking to reporter on Wednesday.

He said that fare of 40, out of 132 operational trains across the country had been rationalised, whereas fare of 92 other trains had not been increased.

“Last time, fare of passenger trains was increased in 2012 and during the last six years, the fare remained same, ” he added.

He said that railways paid Rs 29 billion in 2009 in the form of pension to its retired employees but, now the amount had been reached upto Rs 68 billion, whereas, the federal government shared Rs 37 billion as subsidy which had not been increased in the last nine years.

He said that Pakistan Railways had to face a deficit of Rs 12 billion in pay and pension sector so rationalisation of fare was the need of the hour.

He said that change in fuel prices besides the burden of pension was also one cause of the deficit of railways.

Fares of passengers trains at branch lines had not been increased, due to which, a majority of commuters of branch lines would not affect, he concluded.