Ummah, world community must rise for Rohingyas help

LAHORE: Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan President Mian Abdul Shakoor, has said that the genocide of the Burmese Muslims was a big human tragedy and it was the duty of the world community, especially the Muslim Ummah to rise for their help.

Addressing a large gathering at Mansoora after a his visit to the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh, he said that lakhs of Burmese Muslims were running around in forests and the seas for poor life after being forced out of Burma. He said around six lakh had reached refugee camps in Bangladesh where their plight was miserable and they were facing starvation and epidemics.

The Al-Khidmat Foundation chief said that around 1.2 million Myanmar Muslims were the target of the oppression of the Myanmar army and the Buddhist population. He said that human habitations were being set on fire and large number of them had been forced to flee. These people had taken refuge in camps and urgently needed safe drinking water, dry food and medicines. He appealed to the wealthy and philanthropists in particular and the humanity in general to rise to the occasion and participate in the aid for the refugees.

He said that the United Nations and the world community had taken note of the matter after the brutalities of the Myanmar army and the Buddhists over the Muslims came to surface. Besides, he said, the world at large had taken notice of the issue due to the efforts of Turkish President, the Canadian Prime Minister and the former Secretary General of the United Nations. He said that as a result, the Myanmar leader had abstained from the UN General Assembly. He said that besides Turkey, the local organizations in Bangladesh were extending maximum assistance to the refugees.

Mian Abdul Shakoor said that Indian Prime Minister Modi had clearly announced that the Rohingyas would not be tolerated in India but the Indian Supreme Court had allowed them some time due to the efforts of the human rights bodies.

JI deputy chief Hafiz Mohammad Idrees, head of the JI Foreign Affairs Abdul Ghaffar Aziz and JI Punjab chief Mian Maqsood Ahmed were also present.