USAID helps train 600 women livestock farmers in D.G Khan

LAHORE: More than 600 women livestock farmers in Dera Ghazi Khan, recently completed trainings funded by USAID’s Punjab Enabling Environment Project (PEEP).

The trainings were conducted under separate grants given to Mundri Sheep Breeders Welfare Society, and the Dera Ghazi Khan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The grants were funded under the second phase of USAID PEEP’s Women Empowerment in South Punjab through Investment in Rural Economy (WEinSPIRE) initiative. The grant to D.G. Khan Chamber of Commerce and Industry helped train 25 master trainers and 500 women livestock farmers, while the grant to Mundri Sheep Breeders Welfare Society helped train 100 male and as many women livestock farmers.

The participants learned about animal disease control, animal feed, vaccination schedule, and fodder preservation techniques. “The enterprising women livestock farmers of D.G. Khan have set an example for rural women across Pakistan to transform their traditional family livestock businesses into economic enterprises, ” said USAID Mission Director Julie Koenen.

D.G Khan Chamber president Zulfiqar Ali Khan said that empowering women in livestock can help boost Pakistan’s domestic economy in marginalized areas like D.G. Khan. Women livestock farmers trained through this grant would be able to increase the meat and milk production potential of indigenous livestock breeds, he maintained.

Following the training, USAID partners forwarded loan applications of 500 women farmers to microfinance banks operating in D.G. Khan, stated a press release.

Chairman of the Sheep Breeders’ Welfare Society Umar Khan said that these trained women livestock farmers now have access to the market to buy and sell true-breed animals that maximize returns on investment.