Youth’s help vital in promoting interfaith harmony: Augustine

LAHORE:Provincial Minister Human Rights and Minority Affairs (HR&MA) Ijaz Alam Augustine said on Tuesday that concept of interfaith harmony with the help of youth could be promoted in all major universities of Punjab.

He said this while attending a ceremony of project titled ‘Coming together-II” organized by Human Rights Department (HRD) with collaboration of Youth Development Foundation (YDF) at new minister block’s committee room here.

Addressing the ceremony, the minister said that no doubt that young people hold the key of our future and it was very important to communicate the message of peace,tolerance, acceptance, harmony, social cohesion, respect of other faiths, celebration of diversity and community interaction with them.

The minister said that interaction of people belonging to different religions would enhance their exposure and visiting different places of worship would increase their level of acceptance.

YDF Executive Director Shahid Rehmat briefed the audience about the project, saying that project seeks to bring together students of diverse backgrounds from three leading public sector universities such as Bahauddin Zakariya University

Multan (BZU), University of Educational Multan and M. Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture Multan( MNSUAM), as well as religious educational institutes (REIs) of all faiths and youth.

The YDF would organize 12 residential camps with more than 500 diverse faith youth in Lahore to promote acceptance and diversity, he said. He further briefed that the project would be managed in collaboration with the ministry of human rights, Minorities and Interfaith in Punjab.

Different religious scholars included Allama Syed Gardaizi, Dr. Mubashar Nadeem, Sohail Raza, professors and youth in large number participated.