3.9 million metric tonnes of wheat procured in Punjab: Aleem Khan

LAHORE:Punjab Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan said on Thursday that 87 percent wheat procurement target had been achieved besides distribution of 98 percent gunny bags. According to official sources, he said that in Punjab 3.9 million metric tonnes of wheat had been procured against the set target of 4.5 million metric tonnes. Senior minister said, “One million ton more production of wheat in the province is very much encouraging.” He further said the Punjab government would review the policy for flour mills, whereas, the mills had been provided ease in wheat purchase. He said, “We wanted to give free market to flour mills for the purchase of wheat.” Aleem Khan said the Punjab would take care of the needs of other provinces. The wheat procurement drive had entered in its final phase and all possible measures would be taken so that people do not face any shortage of wheat and flour, he maintained.