COVID-19 under control due to govt’s effective policies: Abdul Aleem Khan

LAHORE: Punjab Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan on Tuesday said that due to effective policies of the government the situation of the coronavirus pandemic in the country was under control.


He said that Pakistan remained a relatively safe and better country than the rest of the world.


In a tweet, Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had taken effective steps to control the pandemic, adding that various international organizations had appreciated the Pakistan’s policies under the leadership of the Prime Minister.


Abdul Aleem Khan said, “Pakistan’s 0.74% transmission rate in COVID-19 is the lowest rate compared to other countries similarly our country is very safe in terms of mortality rate also.” He said that it was a good thing that the situation of corona was under control.


Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan appealed to the citizens that despite all these successes, they should adopt SOPs to prevent the spread of coronavirus. He hoped, “With the help of individual and collective efforts, we will soon get rid of the coronavirus epidemic and the citizens of Pakistan will be able to lead a normal life.