Law minister for strict action on COVID-19 violations

LAHORE:Provincial Law Minister Raja Basharat on Thursday said that the Punjab government decided to strictly enforce the lockdown and take strict legal action against violators of SOPs of COVID-19 .

In a special statement issued here, he said it was unfortunate that during the easing

of lockdown, SOPs were not followed in most of the markets and there was more rush than usual. “This is a major concern for public health and has the potential to increase the spread of the coronavirus,” he said.

Raja Basharat said that now the government would strictly enforce the decision of closing the markets for three days from Friday to Sunday and no concessions would be made to anyone.

The law minister further said that relaxation in lockdown was conditional on some SOPs but the shopkeepers did not prove their responsibility. “So if the markets open from next Monday, the government will be forced to take strict action on violation of SOPs.” He warned that if the violation of SoPs prevails, the government might reconsider its decision on easing lockdown.