‘PDM’s no-confidence motion to end in smoke’

LAHORE: Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that plans of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) to move no-confidence motions in the center and Punjab will end in smoke and the PTI-led government will complete its constitutional term.

Addressing an Awards Ceremony to acknowledge extraordinary accomplishment of men and women in various fields of life at the Governor’s House here on Tuesday, he said there is no threat to the government from the opposition as the ally political parties and the public stand by the PTI government.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is determined to put an end to horse-trading in politics and stamp out corruption from the country, but the opposition is becoming an obstacle, he said.

Governor Punjab said PM Imran Khan always upheld high moral values and ideological principles in politics, adding that he achieved his goals due to his dedication and sincerity of purpose.

“The government is all set to introduce electoral reforms in order to purge Parliament and democracy of corruption, and the opposition, if it wants to end corruption’ must support the government in this legislation”, Sarwar said.

He said the country was faced with many challenges on the economic front due to ineffective policies of the previous government, adding that PTI led government will be successful in resolving those issues.

Sarwar appreciated that Pakistani women are contributing in various fields including sports and IT, adding that enhanced women participation in business sectors is also commendable. He said the women should be encouraged as their empowerment will ultimately lead to the country’s progress and prosperity.

Wife of Governor Punjab, Begum Perveen Sarwar, said that women must be given equal opportunities as this will result in progress and development of the country. She said women bring respect and dignity to society.