PSCA, CTP to take action against e-challan defaulters

LAHORE:Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) in collaboration with City Traffic Police on Monday finalized preparations for taking action against e-challan defaulters. The authority has provided an e-challan android App and printer to the city traffic police, through which the record of e-challan defaulters would be checked on the spot while traffic wardens would issue slips through printers immediately to e-challans defaulters. A slip would be given at the time of vehicle documents, identity card, or license seized. Two slips would come out of the printer, one for defaulter and the other for seized documents identity. The documents would only be returned to the defaulters on the submission of e-challan amount after verification of slip number before the vehicles of e-challan defaulters would remain impounded at the police station. For the action against e-challan defaulter, the PSCA has also provided training to the teams formed by CTO Syed Hamad Abid. In this regard, 17 teams have been provided training by PSCA on the use of Android app, printers and devices.