Smart lockdown imposed in 7 areas of city

LAHORE:The Punjab government has imposed smart lockdown in seven areas of the provincial capital on Saturday

to contain the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department (P&SHD) Punjab spokesperson, smart lockdown

has been imposed in some streets of F-Bolck Johar Town, S-Block Phase-2 DHA, Asif Block Allama Iqbal Town,

A-Block Gulshan-e-Ravi, C-Block Service Quarters UET, Gol Bagh Shadbagh and Sultan Mehmood Road.

All shopping malls, restaurants, private and government offices will remain closed during the lockdown in the areas.

Smart lockdown has been declared to limit the movement of residents in the most effected places and it could protect the citizens of other areas from the COVID-19.

In any urgent need, only one person of the family can use one vehicle in these areas and all kinds of gatherings and meetings would be banned.

All medical services, pharmacies, laboratories, medical stores, collection centres, hospitals and clinics would remain opened round the clock. Milk shops, chicken, meat and fish shops as well as bakeries can work from 7 p. m.

Grocery stores, general stores, flour mills, fruit and vegetable shops, tandoors and patrol pumps can be opened from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The danger of coronavirus has yet not been eliminated so precautionary measures can protect oneself from the pandemic, informed the P&SHD spokesperson.