UN urged to take Kashmir issue seriously

LAHORE: Defence Analyst Dr Maria Sultan speaking about the role of United Nations subsidiary organs said that they could not only make decisions but also impose restrictions on India.

She expressed these views in a PTV programme ‘Badalti Raey’.

She said that if effort was made to bring material change in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK)

and usurping the rights of innocent Kashmiris in that case UN was bound to take the matter to International Court of Justice (ICJ).

She said that India and Pakistan were bound to implement the decision of ICJ regarding Kashmir.

Former Ambassador Shahid Amin responding to a question that how UN could play role for ensuring right to self determination to people of Kashmir, said that there were five permanent members of UN Security Council and when they were united then the role of security council becomes effective.

He said that on August 05, 2019 India revoked the occupied Kashmir special autonomy, after which some reaction had came from international community over Kashmir issue and even humanitarian bodies had criticized India.

He said that it was very important that there should be consensus among the permanent members of security council only in that case some positive development could be witnessed on longstanding Kashmir issue.

He said that currently Modi government in India was under pressure and even after protests of farmers, the India’s so called claim to be democratic country had been exposed.

Analyst Saima Shabir said, “If we talk about UN it has solved South Sudan and East Timor issue.”

She said that UN should also take Kashmir issue seriously to solve it like South Sudan and East Timor.

She further said that after India’s act of August 05, 2019 the Kashmir issue had once again highlighted in UN after a very long time.

The extremist approach of India had fully exposed its face before the world community, she added.