Mepco recovers Rs 405 m from defaulters, removes transformers of 417 tube wells

MULTAN: Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco) claimed to recover Rs 405 million from over 14000 defaulters.

In a significant development, a relentless crackdown on electricity bill defaulters, with a special focus on tubewell consumers, is heading forward smoothly.

According to official sources, a substantial sum of Rs 405 million has been successfully collected from more than 14 thousand defaulters, marking a crucial step towards rectifying non-payment of dues and arrears in the region.

This comprehensive operation involved the disconnection of 417 agricultural tube wells, underscoring the gravity of the issue. Not limited to agricultural users, it also encompassed industrial, commercial, and domestic consumer connections that had failed to meet their financial obligations.

The collected amount of Rs 405 million comprises contributions from a wide spectrum of defaulters.

This operation stands as a testament to the commitment of the authorities to ensuring financial accountability and sustainability in the region's electricity consumption.

"It aims not only to settle outstanding dues but also to streamline future payments and support the uninterrupted supply of electricity in South Punjab," maintained official sources.