Peshawar traffic police collects Rs 160.71 million in fines

PESHAWAR:Peshawar City Traffic Police has imposed fines on 928,156 individuals for traffic violations and collected over Rs. 160.71 million in eight months.

Under the guidance of Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Akhtar Hayat Khan, Chief Traffic Officer Qamar Hayat Khan has launched a program in Peshawar.

This program aims to enhance compliance with traffic laws, promote better behavior among citizens, and implement the 'Salute First, Then Speak' policy.

It also includes the training of traffic wardens at the province's first-ever Traffic School.

Giving eight months' details, Chief Traffic Officer Qamar Hayat Khan said that traffic accidents have been reduced during the first eight months of the current year compared to the previous year, attributing this improvement to enhanced traffic management.

Additionally, Peshawar City Traffic Police conducts awareness campaigns on traffic laws through billboards in Peshawar cantonment, educating citizens about traffic regulations.