PPP to win election basis of Its past performance: Shazia Marri

KARACHI The Secretary Information of Pakistan People's Party and Former Chairperson Benazir income Support Program Shazia Marri on Wednesday said that if conducive environment for election would be provided, PPP will emerge victorious in upcoming general elections. Addressing a news conference at Karachi Press Club, Shazia Marri said PPP strongly condemned Israel's brutal attacks against innocent people of Palestine in Gaza Strip and considered it barbaric act of state terrorism. She called upon world community to take notice of Israel aggression against Palestinians. In reply to a question, Shazia Marri said PTI chairman was involved in mobilizing people against state institutions and no one is allowed to create hatred against government functionaries and leaders of opponent political parties. Pakistan People's party performed well in Sindh and it served the masses during last three tenures, she said, adding that provincial government successfully faced floods and rehabilitated millions of displaced flo od affectees. She said people of Pakistan will vote for PPP on the basis of its past performance.

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