BBI taking measures to attract foreign investors: Zirkoon

QUETTA:The Balochistan Investment Board’s (BBI) Chief Executive Officer Zirkoon Friday said practical measures were being taken to enhance foreign investment in the province.

He said a webinar is being organized on September 30 by the BBI to attract South African investors to make investment in Balochistan after a successful webinar with US investors in which South Africa, Boswana, Mozambique and Dentho and business community would be participated.

He said that for the first time in the history of Balochistan, such an event was being organized with African countries. Detail of webinar’s agenda will be released soon, he said, adding that the federal government had decided to attend the Nairobi summit in Kenya last year and increase trade with African countries.

He said the BBI was taking measures to find future trading partners and attract investors, adding that international companies were working in the field of minerals in African countries whose experiences would be utilized for increasing the the foreign investment in the area.

Zirkoon said the Balochistan province has rich natural resources including mineral, saying that in the next phase, along with providing information to foreign companies, they would be given visit to Balochistan and delegation could be exchanged.

He said the BBI was doing its best in line with the vision of Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan. “Foreign investors are also expressing their confidence in government policies and showing interest in making investment in various sectors of the province,” he said adding such important measures would put the province on track of development.