BFA seals shops over selling of expired, substandard items in Balochistan

QUETTA:Balochistan Food Authority (BFA) took action against sale of expired food items and substandard goods to ensure quality of edible items for interest of public health in different district of province.

Deputy Director Operation of BFA Nushki Sajjad Ali along with BFA team visited various areas of shops different shops including wholesaler to check miscellaneous food items where one milk shops and a wholesaler shop were sealed over selling expired and poor quality of food items while five wholesalers were fined.

Two milk shops also sealed in Nushki on mixture of chemicals after testing the milk.

Similarly, BFA team conducted raid at various shops in Vindar, Uthal and Lasbela in supervision of Deputy Director Operation of BFA Sarfraz Mughal.

At least four general stores have been fined over expired selling of packet spices, biscuits, jam banned cooking oil, non-food grade colors and Gutka Pan Prak.