Chief Minister took notice of flour crisis in Balochistan

QUETTA:Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Jam Kamal Khan on Monday took notice of flour crisis and wheat across province while directed all commissioner division along with deputy commissioners to ensure provision of flour at districts level to people on official control price list.

He said stern action would be taken against those responsible persons and poachers who were involved in artificial producing shortage of wheat and flour to earn illegal amounts for themselves.

Mir Jam Kamal Khan said Food Department should take measures to provide available wheat to flour mills in order to reduce shortage of flour in respective areas of province. He directed local administrations to ensure strict checking to overcome smuggling of flour and wheat on primary basis for interest of people.

The Chief Minister also instructed consult department to monitor all main markets to ensure price list of goods including flour in order to provide facilities to common men in the areas, saying it was also responsibility of sector to play its key role to decrease inflation of weekly in the areas through maintaining proper checking of price list in the areas.

He said legal action must be taken against profiteers who were selling goods to people on double prices which caused inflation in the areas, saying that no compromise would be made on official price list.

According to Balochistan Government’s spokesman Liaqat Shahwani, crackdown operation has been launched against those mafia that they were creating crisis of flour in respective areas of Balochistan.

He said practical measures were underway to control shortage of flour and in this regard, more than 25, 0000 sacks of wheat would be brought to Balochistan from foreign country in few days.