Israel has jeopardized world peace: Luni

QUETTA:Moulana Abdul Qadir Luni, Senior Naib Ameer and Provincial Ameer, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Nazriyati) said on Saturday that illegal occupation of Palestinian land and aggression from the part of America and Israel had jeopardized peace of the world.

Talking to political, religious personalities and party workers, he said that international forces had kept a discreet silence over the atrocities being committed by Israel forces on innocent Palestinians. He said that in order to fan fire in the Muslim world, particularly in Arab region, America was using Israel as a pawn.

He said that lawlessness and chaos had confronted the Muslim Ummah with political and economic crises. He added that it was being conspired to occupy Muslim lands as the imperialist forces could not tolerate the independent and sovereign status of Muslim Ummah.

He said that innocent Palestinians were enduring atrocities and barbarism of Israel owing to the policies of coward Muslim rulers, adding that the state terrorism of Israel was not visible to the so-called champions of peace.

He said that if the Muslim Ummah did not fight the nefarious designs of Israel unitedly, other holy sites of Muslim world would also be in grave jeopardy. He said that holy war being waged in Afghanistan was a lesson for all the freedom fighters of the world that Jahad (holy war) was the only way for seeking liberation. He said that salvation of nation lied in Jahad. He said that Muslim Ummah would have to accept the sovereignty of Allah Almighty in order to regain the bygone status of Muslim Ummah.