Julian Harness calls on Governor Balochistan

QUETTA:The United Nations (UN) Resident Coordinator in Pakistan, Julian Harness called on Governor Balochistan Syed Zahoor Ahmed Agha at Governor House Quetta on Wednesday.

During the meeting, global challenges such as global warming, construction of new dams, stabilization of agriculture sector in the province, proper use of water in curriculum and strategies for climate change were discussed.

On the occasion, Governor Balochistan Syed Zahoor Ahmed Agha said that the ground water level in Balochistan, especially in the provincial capital Quetta, has fallen to alarming levels.

He said that the introduction of drip irrigation system in the agriculture sector and enhancing the capacity of farmers would boost agriculture and also increase the national product.

Most of the people in our province depend on agriculture and livestock for their livelihood, he added.

The Governor said that if a comprehensive strategy regarding water resources was not formulated across the province, the entire Balochistan could be facing many dangers in future.

He said that due to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Billion Tree Tsunami Project, Pakistan’s eco-friendly environment initiatives are being admired globally.

“The international challenge can only be helped by the financial support and guidance of international organizations in combating global warming, ensuring the construction of new dams and strengthening the agriculture and livestock sectors

in the province,” he said.