PDM working on foreign agenda, says Balochistan legislators

QUETTA: Balochistan Ministers on Monday said that PDM was working on foreign agenda to create chaos in the country.

Addressing a press conference at Quetta Press Club, Balochistan Legislators including Zahoor Ahmed Buledi, Mir Saleem Khosa and Mubeen Khan Khilji said that alliance of 11 parties in PDM had made the record corruption in their respective periods.

“Millions of rupees were recovered from water tanks during the tenure of nationalists of Balochistan, ” they said and deplored that language used in the public gathering could not be that of a patriotic Pakistani.

Ministers said that why opposition parties did not deliver whey were in power. “All we have from opposition is empty rhetoric, ”.

They said that parties on protest have been ruling the country for decades and they are responsible for economic and other problems facing the country today.

“First time in the history, the corrupt are being made accountable as to justify where the money they have came from.

Expressing annoyance over the language used for the institutions, they said that the narrative used for the national institutions and the military leadership was indication that PDM had received the script to bring down the institutions and demoralize the army which had sacrificed precious lives for the country.

About the nationalist parties of Balochistan, Ministers said that when they were in power, they could not see the deprivation and backwardness of the province.

They are making hue and cry after ousted by the people in the general elections.

They further said He said that Balochistan was neglected in the projects under CPEC during Nawaz Sharif’s rule and now Balochistan is being used as a political card.

“When it comes to politics, the name of Balochistan comes to the fore, ” minister noted adding that opposition parties have always used the name of Balochistan’s deprivation for political gains.