Rsidents demand to ensure cleanliness of city’s nullahs, remove garbage

QUETTA: The residents of Quetta have demanded of the concerned authorities to clean up the city’s nullahs and removal of garbage which have become a constant nuisance for residents and a health hazard.

The provincial capital of Balochistan was giving a shabby look due to irregular cleaning of waste collection sites and due to poor sewerage network.

These nullahs also overflowing water on every street causing problems which has made the lives of people miserable who residing besides those nullahs.

The residents of the Bolan Medical College locality at Golimar Chowk said the stinking smell of its water have made the life of the residents miserable.

They added that the garbage dumped per day in the drains was increasing at a high pace that had fully choked the already ineffective sewage system.

Shakeel Kakar, a resident of Satellite Town said the drain water covers the whole streets and roads but the authorities had been consistently neglecting the issue.

During the tenure of the previous provincial government, a covered drain system was laid in the city but soon it became non-functional in several areas because the project was initiated without technical planning, he said.

Criticizing the authorities concerned, he said they have taken no steps to resolve the issue and built a new sanitation and sewage system. The citizens had serious concerns over open and uncovered drains in the provincial capital that killed number of people after falling into many open sewage lines in the city.

Multiple incidents have led to injuries and fatalities, including children of less age group mostly vulnerable.

At different locations across the city, the citizens also stepped up efforts to open the blocked sewage lines on their own.

Sariab Road, Sabzal Road, Brewery Road, Spiny Road, Kasi Road, Mizan Chowk, Prince Road, Musa Colony, Satellite Town, Wahdat Colony and Nawan Killi were among the areas where sewage water had accumulated on roads and drainage system had been choked.

Contrary to the ground situation, an official of the Balochistan government said the government had decided to take effective steps to improve sewage system, adding, the government had also decided to come up with a technical plan in the new Quetta Master Plan.

He said the cleanliness drives were being carried out in every area of the city on regular basis and the Quetta Municipal Corporation (QMC) was ensuring collection and disposal of garbage in every area of the provincial capital city including Sariyab to Nawan Killi. However, he said, the QMC had lacked capacity to collect the total waste produced per day by the city due to shortage of staff and equipment.

He said the Corporation had been facing an acute shortage of sanitary workers and funds.

The government official urged the market traders and citizens to cooperate with QMC staff to resolve the cleanliness issue and several concerns of the city.