Fisheries sector essential for promotion economy of Balochistan: Farman

QUETTA: Chief Executive officer of Balochistan Board of Investment and Trade(BBoIT) Farman Zarkoon on Friday said that the fisheries sector is of fundamental importance in the economy of Balochistan.

In a statement, he said Balochistan is a rich in terms of fish and marine life saying that more than 1.531 million metric tons of fish are caught annually in the province which constitutes 34% of the GDP and 80% of the fish captured in the area is exported to Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, and other countries.

Farman maintained that there are vast opportunities for employment in this sector and the livelihood of approximately 40, 000 fishermen in the 750 km coastal area of Balochistan depends on it.

Balochistan has 250 of the best species of marine life which are attractive to the world, he said the huge profits could be made by investing in fish farming and fish processing which would also improve the condition of local fishermen and export the best marine life abroad.

He said under the leadership of Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan, the provincial government is taking steps to promote fisheries and the welfare of fishermen.