Shaheen Force established to prevent rising street crimes in Karachi

KARACHI:To control the rising street crimes in megalopolis, a special motorcycle squad, comprising 300 personnel of Karachi Police, has been established, announced Additional Inspector General of Police – Karachi Javed Alam Odho.

Addressing a news conference at Karachi Police Office on Wednesday, he announced establishment of Shaheen Force, a specialized squad to tighten the grip on street crimes.

He said the squad would patrol in the areas with reports of high ratio of street crimes under which most sensitive routes had been included in the patrolling plan.

The Karachi Police chief apprised that modern motorcycles, modern weapons with bullet proof vests, reflecting jackets and walkie talkies had been given to the personnel of Shaheen Force.

At least 10 citizens lost their lives over robberies resistance during the current month only while 12 sustained injuries. As many as 5 alleged robbers were killed and 14 were arrested in injured condition by police during encounters with street criminals in different parts of the city.