2nd Wapda Chairman golf to swing into action

LAHORE:The Second WAPDA Amateur Golf Championship will tee off here on Thursday at the historic Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

This was stated by Shaukat Javed, Convenor Golf, Lahore Gymkhana at a press conference along with Col (r) Asif Mehdi, Advisor Sports WAPDA, Raja Saqlain Zahoor, DG Sports, WAPDA, Shahid Javed Khan, Tournament Director and Khawaja Pervaiz Saeed, Director Media here on Wednesday.

Shaukat Javed highlighted that eligible to participate in this grand event are registered amateurs with a handicap of 12 and below. Being a championship of national standing, competing amateurs are players who can be classified as accomplished and adept golfers while a majority of the competitors belong to ranks of upcoming and emerging players of merit category.

The upcoming ones are filled with the urge to match wits with the recognised ones and through admirable and impeccable application of golfing skills get graded as majestic and exalted ones. Naturally, the reason for holding events of this size and magnitude is to afford opportunities to the men of talent and aspiration.

Col (r) Asif Mehdi highlighted that during the course of the Championship, it will be enchanting to follow the performances of skillful players and watch how they produce quality scores through masterly application of champion like abilities and unmatched consistency whereby they carve out victories for themselves which bring them honors and glory and attractive prizes.

Col (r) Asif Mehdi also stated that besides the top amateurs, eligible to participate are veterans (age above 70 years), senior amateur golf players (age above 55 years) and ladies. He shared that veterans will compete over 9 holes on 23rd January, whereas seniors and ladies will compete over 36 holes, 18 holes to be held on 23rd January and 18 holes on 24th January. As for the amateurs, they will compete over 54 holes, from 24th January to 26th January, 18 holes each day.

Col (r) Asif Mehdi shared that the prizes at stake are attractive and besides trophies the winners will get useful golf equipment related gifts. In numerical terms, the competing hopefuls add up to a total of 170.

Explaining the contribution of WAPDA to national sports, Col (r) Asif Mehdi said that total of 67 sports team of men and women are maintained by this national organization and its sportsmen are champions in 31 disciplines, 16 in women’s category and 15 in men’s category. And in the recently held KPK National Games, WAPDA won 148 gold medals and 100 silver.

Khawaja Pervaiz Saeed stated that names of the more prominent participants are Ghazanfar Mehmood (WAPDA), Raja Muhammad Israr (Garden City) Ashiq Hussain(Multan), Ameer Khawaja (Sialkot), Rizwan Adam (Jehlum), Taimoor Khan, Inayatullah Yousafzai, Shehryar Ghaffar (Peshawar), Wazir Ali, Sardar Murad Khan, M.Saqib, Fakhar Imam, Murad A.Khan, Ahsan Khawaja, Zunair Aleem Khan and Mohsen Zafar.

Khawaja Pervaiz also said that a national event of this size can only be held, once the sponsors willingly come forward to share the financial outlay required. WAPDA has stepped forward to support this event and is a name that needs no introduction, as WAPDA is an integral part of our lives.