Pakistan ready to play role in deescalating tensions in Gulf region : Mahmood Qureshi

ISLAMABAD:Pakistan has close fraternal relations with the Gulf states and is ready to play its facilitating role in de-escalation of tensions in the region. In written reply to a question in National Assembly on Friday, Minister for Foreign Affairs Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Hussain Qureshi said that Pakistan was deeply concerned at the tensions in the Gulf Region that has potential to destabilize the entire region.

Pakistan, both in its public statements and private interactions, has urged all parties involved to exercise maximum restraint and avoid such acts which could spiral the situation out of hand. He said the conflict, if ignited, would not be in the interest of Pakistan or any other country of the region. He said the Prime Minister of Pakistan specifically underscored the point with his US interlocutors during his recent visit to Washington.

The Government of Pakistan, the minister said, would continue to play a constructive role in de-escalation and settlement of issues within the framework of international law. He said : “We hope that an amicable solution would be found to settle the situation”. Regarding the Jammu & Kashmir dispute, he said that Pakistan’s extensive diplomatic outreach campaign was underway, focusing sharply on the illegality of Indian actions of August 5, the indefensible lock-down of millions of Kashmiris for weeks, and the threats posed to peace and security by Indian belligerence. He said the international community was focused on this dispute which was evident from the Security Council’s meeting of August 16 and the wider reaction of UN Secretary General, human rights organizations and international media. Pakistan will continue its efforts in support of the Kashmir cause, he added.