Polo season starts with Gobi’s Paints Polo Cup

LAHORE: Lahore polo season 2021-22 starts with Gobi’s Paints Polo Cup 2021, that will roll into action on Tuesday here at the Jinnah Polo and Country Club.

President Jinnah Polo and Country Club (JPCC) Col (R) Shoaib Aftab said on Monday that the 109-acre Jinnah Polo and Country Club is located in the heart of the metropolitan city, whose lively people are passionate fans of polo and this season too, they will witness highly enthralling and challenging encounters. “Gobi’s Paints Polo Cup 2021 is the first tournament of this season, which is 2-goal event, sponsored by Gobi’s Paints.

“The JPCC is a world class polo club, which has international standard horses stables while one more practice field has been added to further facilitate the club members, ” he added.

Revealing the details of the event, Col (R) Shoaib Aftab said: “Total four teams have been participating in this event, which include 4 Corps, FC Polo Team, Mixed Bag and Diamond Paints/Sheikhoo Steel. The inaugural match of the event will be contested between 4 Corps and Mixed Bag at 4: 00 pm tomorrow (Tuesday). The subsidiary and main finals will be played on October 17 (Sunday) at the JPCC ground.”