Sports goods’ export increase 11% in 2 months

ISLAMABAD: The exports of sports goods witnessed an increase of 11.23 percent during the first two months of ongoing financial year (2021-22) as against the exports of corresponding period of last year.

The country exported sports goods worth $ 50.415 million during July-August (2021-22) against the trade of $ 45.325 million during July-August (2020-21), showing growth of 11.23 percent, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported.

During the months under review, the export of footballs also increased by 5.25 percent from $21.828 million last year to $22.973 million during current year under review while the exports of gloves however witnessed decline of 1.59 percent from $12.262 million to $12.067 million.

In addition, the exports of all other sports good however witnessed an increase of 36.85 percent by going up from $11.235 million to $15.357 million during the period under review.

Meanwhile, on year-on-year basis, the exports of sports products during August 2021 rose by 25.63 percent to $24.060 million when compare to the exports of $19.152 million during August 2020, the PBS data revealed.

During the period under review, the exports of footballs and gloves also increased by 18.79 and 18.82 percent respectively while the export of all other sports products increased by 46.48 percent.

On month-on-month basis, the exports of sports products went down by 8.71 percent in August 2021 when compared to the exports of $ 26.355 million in August 2021.

During the month under review, the exports of footballs decreased by 7.61 whereas the export of gloves increased by 2.60 percent, the data revealed.