Player selection completed in Under-21 Games, Bannu and Lakki Marwat

PESHAWAR: Male and female players from Bannu and Lakki Marwat districts have been selected for the final round of the U21 Games with more then 577 athletes participated in the boys’ trials of Bannu district.

District Sports Officer Anwar Kamal Burki when contacted on phone from Bannu stated this. He said out of 577 athletes 157 were selected including 10 for Wushu, 12 for Basketball, 8 for Judo, 16 for Hockey, 8 for Weightlifting, 11 for Taekwondo, 7 for Karate, 6 for Gymnastics, 5 for Table Tennis and 7 for Wrestling.

Anwar Kamal said that he worked as District Sports Officer but he was not allowed to women trials which is not justified on the part of the Directorate of Sports KP. He said, however, the reports were there to select 16 players were selected for women cricket, 12 for volleyball, 12 for netball, 5 for table tennis, 10 for athletics, 10 for tug-of-war and 5 for badminton.

He said only 149 male athletes took part in the trials in Lakki Marwat district, of which 91 were selected. A total of 7 players were selected for wushu, 12 for basketball, 8 for judo, 16 for hockey, 8 for weightlifting, 12 for taekwondo, 10 for karate, 6 for gymnastics, 5 for table tennis and 7 for wrestling.