Action against profiteers continues

KARACHI:Action against profiteers during price checking on daily basis under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner South, Capt (retd) Muhammad Saeed Leghari, continued on daily basis.

In order to control the prices of daily use items and to fully implement the Commissioner Karachi rate list, the District South administration is continuously taking action against the profiteers on a daily basis.

Assistant Commissioner Lyari took action against the profiteers during price checking and imposed a fine of Rs 29,000 on four shops of milk and flour mills. While taking action against those who sell milk and wheat flour at excessive prices, fines of Rs 32,000 were imposed on five shops.

Assistant Commissioner Aram Bagh imposed fines of 26,000 on 4 milk and flour shops during price checking.

Assistant Commissioner Garden imposed fines of 15,000 on 3 milk and flour shops during price checking.

He also issued instructions that action should be taken against all general stores and mini markets that do not display price lists of general items including wheat flour, milk, rice, cooking oil.