CIA police arrest suspect in injured condition

HYDERABAD:The CIA police arrested a suspected outlaw in injured condition after an exchange of fire near the embankment of River Indus in Hussainabad area.

The police spokesman informed here on Friday that a team of the CIA raided a place along the embankment, but the police were attacked by 2 armed suspects who tried to escape.

The suspect Mehboob Chang sustained a gunshot to his leg and was injured but his accomplice escaped on their motorbike.

The injured was shifted to Liaquat University Hospital for surgery.

The spokesman claimed that Chang confessed during initial interrogation that he was involved in crimes like robberies, theft and motorbike snatching.

He further claimed that Chang had snatched 2 motorbikes last week from the limits of Hatri police station while a third one from Jamshoro near the toll plaza.

According to the spokesman, Chang also allegedly confessed that he snatched motorbikes and cash from 3 different locations including New Vegetable Market in the jurisdiction of Hatri police.

The suspect was later booked in 2 separate FIRs at Hussainabad police station on the state’s complaint.