Dangerous inverters installed in taxis to save petrol

PESHAWAR: In the wake of closure of CNG stations, the taxi drivers have started installing inverters in their vehicles to save petrol.

According to the experts, these inverters could prove fatal for the drivers in case of any mishap.

According to a taxi driver, after installation of the inverter, the vehicle uses less petrol and covers long distances. However, the technical experts warned that this technology could prove much more dangerous and fatal in case of any mishap or mishandling.

The installation costs Rs 14000 and requires a plastic bottle, filled with petrol inside the car.

The taxi drivers said that due to closure of CNG stations, they were unable to earn sufficient money for their household, which compelled them to install the inverters.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the government had ordered the closure of CNG stations from January this year, to fulfill the gas requirement of the domestic consumers during the winter season.