FIA Anti-Corruption Peshawar Circle arrested four suspects

PESHAWAR:The FIA Anti-Corruption Peshawar Circle arrested four alleged suspects during an Anti-Corruption Circle Peshawar raided a place in the Faqirabad area of Peshawar City and recovered a large number of fake documents from their possession.

The alleged accused were involved in making fake documents identified as Mansoor Zaman, Fawad Ahmed, Mohammad Haroon and Iftikhar.

The accused were arrested from the Faqirabad Chowk area of Peshawar

A large number of fake employment cards, student cards, fake bank seals, stamp papers, educational certificates and bank statements required for obtaining visas will be recovered from the possession of the accused.

Equipment used in forging documents was also seized.

Cases were registered against the accused with a further investigation underway, the Spokesperson of FIA said when contacted for confirmation of the raid in the Faqirabad area.