Four people died of suffocation

ABBOTTBAD:At least four members of a family including two minors Friday died of suffocation in the village Mast Maira, an area near Mangal police station.

According to the police spokesman, a family resident of Chahmed Baghdara including 22-year old Zeeshan son of Irshad, his 20-year old wife Bushra Bibi, two minor girls including two years old Fajr Bibi and one year old Jannat Bibi found dead in their room early morning.

The family reportedly left the gas heater on in the night while sleeping and owing to the low gas pressure they were suffocated to death.

Mangal police on receiving information, broke the door where all four members of the family were found dead.

The police after recovering the dead bodies shifted them to the Ayub Medical Complex Abbottabad for postmortem and completion of legal formalities.