IFA taking action against selling substandard, expired food items

ISLAMABAD: Strict and legal action against the substandard, unhygienic and expired food items is underway as the Islamabad Food Authority (IFA) continued its campaign across the federal capital.

According to Deputy Director Operations (DDO) of IFA Dr Tahira Saddique, the authority in its ongoing operation launched against the unhygienic food outlets in the Federal Capital, inspected 30 points and a fine of Rs 110,000 was imposed on violations.

Talking to reporter on Tuesday, She said the IFA accompanied by Food Safety Teams (FSTs) launched cracked down on a well-known bakery in Margalla Town for selling bakery items that failed to meet safety standards.

Additionally, large quantities of substandard bakery items, beverages, sweets, and vegetables were also seized and discarded by the Food Authority teams.

She said that the confiscated items include 4.65 expire ketch up, and 60.2 kg bakery items, 25.25 beverages,

2.48 kg sweets, and 1 kg vegetables.

Meanwhile, warnings and improvement notices were also se
rved to different shop keepers.

Dr. Tahira urged the citizens to play an active role in ensuring the quality of food in Islamabad by promptly reporting

any concerns or complaints about food safety.

The IFA’s swift action underscored its commitment to ensuring that food establishments adhere to strict hygiene protocols, safeguarding the health of residents and visitors alike, she said.

On the occasion, Dr Tahira said that strict action would also be taken against the outlets which found involved in selling gutka, adding that negligence would not be tolerated in that regard.