Increase in heat may affect citrus fruit, plants badly

FAISALABAD:The agriculture experts have advised the citrus growers to take extraordinary care to their plants and fruits because increase in heat during summer may affect citrus fruit and plants badly.

A spokesman of Agriculture (extension) department said here on Wednesday that Pakistan was ranked at top of citrus producing countries in the world and demand of citrus fruit was increasing day by day in global markets.

He said that Punjab province contributed 95 percent citrus production in the country and Sargodha, Mandi Bahauddin, Toba Tek Singh, Okara, Sahiwal, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Layyah and Dera Ghazi Khan were the main areas of citrus fruit especially Kinnow.

He said that citrus was a precious fruit which was playing a dynamic role in fetching maximum foreign exchange for Pakistan. Therefore, the growers should take extraordinary care to their citrus plants and their fruit.

He said that temperature had reached to 40 degree centigrade in many areas in Punjab. If this temperature increased from 45 degree centigrade, it started effecting citrus fruit badly in addition to causing its fall from the plants.

Therefore, the farmers should take extraordinary care for their citrus plants and its fruit because temperature reached at 48 degree centigrade during June and July.

They should water their citrus orchards regularly with proper interval so that the plants could remain healthy and fruit could grow properly.

He said that increase in temperature badly affected the roots which provided food to the plants and reciprocally the supply of inappropriate food to the plants made them prone to degeneration.

He said that owing to leakage of moisture from the fruit, the size of fruit remained very small due to which the fruit could not produce the right amount of juice during growth stages in summer and if proper protective measure were not taken, its pods became dry and thus quality of fruit was affected badly.

Therefore, the farmers should keep their plants under observation in case of excessive heat and they should immediately water the plants.