Nature lovers hail Margallah Ridge Trail as scenic, picturesque hiking track

ISLAMABAD: The nature lovers of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad on Sunday hailed the Margallah Ridge Trail inaugurated by the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) as a scenic and picturesque hiking track full of eye-catching views and mesmerizing natural beauty. The IWMB inaugurated the Margallah Ridge Trail on November 4, which is accessible from Talhar Mor on Daman E Koh Road which is actually a transboundary trail linking the federal capital with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The mountain top trail which actually goes all the way to Ghora Gali comprised only an inaugurated section from Talhar Mor to Kot Jandan (10 km). The social media users on the microblogging website X (formerly Twitter) shared their candid views after visiting the Ridge Trail. Wajahat, an X user said, "Beautiful trail is yet hidden from many hikers and travellers, 2 weeks ago I took few travellers and brought them here and they were mesmerized by the beauty of this trail." Noman, another user appreciated the I WMB for inaugurating the Trail and wrote "well done". Munaj Akmal wrote, "Super excited to experience it.. congratulations Isb wildlife (IWMB)... cheers." Kamran Hashmi, an adventurer on X expressed his views while indicating some recommendations for the Board to implement pertaining to the track of the Ridge Trail. He said, "The Trail is there only for the first couple of kilometers. After that it's a game of thorns we had to endure during our trek yesterday." Hashmi experienced a thorny hike as the track might be filled with wild thorns proliferating in the wild and hurt his trekking shoes. He mentioned the Chairperson IWMB and the Board's official handles in his post and requested them to fix this issue. The hiking and trekking trails are mostly rugged, bumpy and upside down in nature as they are pathways carved to allow humans to venture into nature for a healthy activity and explore their relationship with mother nature which is the ultimate source of solace and tranquility.

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