NH&MP issues updates regarding road closures and traffic diversions in various zones

ISLAMABAD: The National Highways and Motorway (NHMP) on Sunday issued traffic advisory for travelers across Pakistan for the awareness about closures of several road and traffic diversions till next updates. According to the spokesman of NHMP, the Motorway North Zone has issued updates for the commuters that on the M-1 Motorway (Peshawar to Islamabad) and told that two sections are closed due to road work from Wali Interchange (KM 450) to Near Wali Interchange (KM 451) in the northbound lanes, while from Near Swabi Interchange (KM 422) to Near Swabi Interchange (KM 422.400) in the southbound lanes will remain closed due to maintenance work. The NHMP authorities warned that Motorway Central-I that it one section will be closed from (Kot Momin to Lahore) due to road work. The NHPM authorities said that the western bypass Sahiwal (KM 1099) to western bypass Sahiwal (KM 1099) in the northbound lanes will be closed due construction work. Moreover, on the Motorway Central-II, the M4 Motorway (Pindibhatiya to A bdul Hakeem), three sections are closed due to road work, from NFC Society (KM 1231) to NFC Society (KM 1231) in the southbound lanes, from Kehror Chowk (KM 862) to Evershine pump (KM 861.5) in the southbound lanes and from Adda-5 Faiz (KM 908 to 909 SB) in the southbound lanes, the spokesman added. He said that IMDC, N-75 Highway (Islamabad to Murree), two sections are closed due to road work, from 41 (KM Nursery) to 42 (KM Lakot) in the northbound lanes, from 13 (KM 17mile) to (KM Due to asphalt work) in the northbound lanes and the drivers are advised to plan their trips accordingly and allow extra travel time.

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