Pakistani expert installs research equipment at University in Mauritania

ISLAMABAD: In a remarkable achievement, Pakistani expert, Engr. Syed Muhammad Hussain Rizvi has installed research equipment at the Nawakchott University in Mauritania.Engr. Syed Muhammad Hussain Rizvi is visiting Mauritania under COMSTECH- Mauritania Science and Technology Cooperation Program.The installation of this equipment is a new initiative of the Agence Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique et de l'Innovation (ANRSI).It is aimed at promoting and supporting scientific research, logistics, and technical support with the resources needed to achieve the maximum benefit from laboratories.Where the ANRSI seeks to provide valuable, versatile, research equipment to the researchers of all disciplines.Engr. Syed Muhammad Hussain Rizvi, had previously visited Nawakchott, in the same context last year.His competence and experience in evaluating and maintaining research equipment in a number of countries such as Yemen, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Saudi Arabia, is well known.His work has b een recognized with awards by Bruker AXS Germany and outstanding technical support shield by KRL, Islamabad.COMSTECH signed a memorandum of understanding with ANRSI last year, since then it is supporting visits of experts to Mauritania to develop institutional capacities.The visiting experts install and repair the scientific instruments, and impart training to Mauritanian manpower on the use and maintenance of the equipment.ANRSI is the National Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation of Mauritania. It aims to make scientific research a lever for overall economic and social development.Its mission is to implement State policy for the promotion of scientific research and innovation. It is notably responsible for supporting all research and innovation activities in Mauritania.COMSTECH aims to enhance cooperation among OIC member states in the field of science and technology, and improves capabilities through training in modern fields.