Peshawar police arrested 67 suspects wanted in different crimes

PESHAWAR:Peshawar police arrested 67 alleged accused including 16 gangs involved in snatching, drug dealing, illegal arms, and other crimes.

According to a police spokesman, mobile phones worth Rs. 71,0000, three and a half tola gold ornaments, 7 vehicles, and 26 motorcycles were also recovered from the possession of the accused.

Over 800 accused were involved in drug trafficking and other petty crimes.

In May, the police foiled the sabotage plan in the limits of Nasir Bagh Police Station and also defused explosives.

Similarly, in other operations, 13 hand grenades and 10 kg of explosives were also recovered and defused.

A total of 57 Kalashnikovs, 36 shotguns, 180 guns, 718 pistols, and over 18,000 different bore cartridges were recovered.

The spokesman stated that a total of 289 search and strike operations were conducted in all divisions under the National Action Plan. During the house-to-house search, more than 892 suspects were detained.