Seminar titled “The Impact of Population on Economic Development” held

HARIPUR: Addressing the critical issue of population growth and its impact on economic development, a seminar titled "The Impact of Population on Economic Development" Saturday conducted at the district office of Haripur.The event was organized by the District Population Welfare Office and was supervised by the University of Haripur.During the seminar, District Population Welfare Officer, Muhammad Ashfaq, brought attention to the detrimental effects of the escalating population on economic development. He provided valuable insights into the current population statistics of the country and engaged in a comprehensive discussion on the anticipated challenges in the future.In the seminar students enrolled in the departments of Public Health and Nutrition, as well as Environmental Sciences. Dr. Shabaz A. Zaki, the Head of the Department of Public Health and Nutrition were present. Dr. Shabaz A. Zaki announced plans for collaborative initiatives between the university and the Population Welfare Department, ai med at facilitating research endeavors for the students.