UNGA President urged to persuade India implement UNSC Kashmir rulings:

MIRPUR (AJK): Hameed Shaheen Alvi Adviser to ex-Premier of AJK reminded the President of the UN General Assembly Mr Csaba Korosi now on 3-day visit to Delhi that India, a UN member country, is not implementing UN Security Council’s Kashmir rulings of 1948-49 for a plebiscite settlement of the 76-year pended Kashmir dispute.

“Being President of the highest global democratic body – UN General Assembly – the strongest persuasion must come to be borne by Indian government for implementing her UN-recorded undertaking of a plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir for a democratic resolution of the bloodied Kashmir dispute”, the Adviser pleaded while talking to reporter here on Monday

Top preference for lasting peace and security immediately in Southern Asia and for the rest of the world, the settlement of the Kashmir dispute is an integral part of regional situation in which 23 million Kashmiris are suffering Indian atroticities.

Presently over one million Indian troops and paramilitaries have sieged the people and places of Kashmir and Kashmiris are facing the worst geo-physical division of their motherland, disfigurement of their survival culture and religion, the Adviser elaborated in his Kashmir conversation to this news agency.

The Adviser urged the UN President to appoint UN General Assembly members comprised Special Kashmir Mission to ensure implementation of UNSC Kashmir rulings so that 23 million Kashmiris get their right to choose their geographic and political destiny.

President Csaba Korosi of UN on a visit to Delhi today should use his good offices for the release of thousands of India-imprisoned Kashmiris including party heads/senior leaders and rights workers, students, teens and women.