Unresolved issues demoralizes teachers community

ISLAMABAD:The teaching staff serving at the educational institutions working under the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) have demanded the authorities to resolve their pending issues including payment of rental ceiling and revision of service structure to boost their morals and motivate them to continue their professional responsibilities with dedication.

According to an official source, the motivation of teachers toward their profession is badly affected due to their unresolved issues while the authorities are showing an indifferent attitude towards the resolution of their issues.

Talking to reporter, a teacher on the condition of anonymity said, “It is a fundamental right of teachers to be treated like other government servants but unfortunately they are mistreated.

“The house rental ceiling of teachers is pending for over a year. No one ever comes into teaching to get rich but at least our pending payments should be released.

“The authorities, whenever asked, respond in inappropriate behaviour which lowers the morale of teachers. If teachers are not financially stable, the next generation will avoid choosing teaching as a career option.”

A female teacher said, “My Principal does not even have the power to grant me more than two casual leaves; what to talk about other rights”.

“The FDE has cut back his powers of granting leaves to teachers which is illegal and rarely happens in any other government departments. There is no outcome in response to our complaints in this regard while the authorities have created a hostile work environment”, the female teacher said.

An Assistant Professor at IMCG F-7/2 said, “Our service structure is over 30 years old. Provinces have revised the promotion structure of their teachers but ICT teachers are still deprived of their due rights. There is nothing in the federal education department except stress”, he added.

Another teacher said, “Teachers are overburdened with more classes due to shortage of staff in institutions, new posts of staff are not created, teachers who teach during summer vacation are deprived of earned leave.”

“Other government servants are drawing 20 pc special allowance and 150 pc executive allowances while teachers are deprived of such allowances”, the teacher said.

“Due to the inefficiency of our department, we have to take our petty issues to the court of law for resolution. Teachers are often victimized while the authorities are running the department like a kingdom.”

Senior Vice President of the Federal Government College Teachers Association Professor Farhan Azam said, “We are not demanding a VIP culture for the teachers. Our teachers live such a simple life that they don’t give much thought to luxuries or high social status but the authorities should do something for teachers who sacrifice their sleep for the sake of others children.”

Teachers are suffering for no fault of their own and, therefore, are left at the mercy of discriminatory policies, he added.

He demanded of the concerned ministry to overhaul the administrative structure of the Federal Directorate of Education for the smooth running of educational institutions.