Winter Survival Camp organized in Swat Valley

Swat: A two-day Winter Survival Camp was held at the Malam Jabba resort in the Swat Valley, under the sponsorship of the Pakistan Army.

Students and academics from around Pakistan and other sections of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, including Swat, participated in the camp.

The participants learned how to handle emergency scenarios in the cold and how to rescue chairs on zip lines during the two-day course. The camp’s main goal was to give participants the fundamental knowledge and abilities they would need to handle any emergencies that might happen during the harsh winter months.

Prominent dignitaries, including Muhammad Yar Khan, Assistant Commissioner Charbagh, Commander of the 6th Brigade, Brigadier Sajid Akbar, and local police authorities, attended the training camp’s formal closing ceremony.

At the ceremony, certificates of achievement were given to the participating students as a token of appreciation for their successful completion of the program.

The resort management was applauded for thei
r dedication to putting together such a worthwhile training initiative.

The Pakistan Army, local officials, and community people demonstrated their commitment to improving safety, preparedness, and resilience in the face of unfavourable weather conditions through the Winter Survival Camp.

In expressing gratitude, one of the organizers emphasized the importance of these training sessions in the current era, where rapid climate change presents several difficulties. He stressed that the training will benefit the community during emergencies in addition to bringing climate fluctuations to the youth’s attention.

The Pakistani Army and local officials have demonstrated their proactive approach to ensuring the safety and well-being of locals by successfully executing the Winter Survival Camp.

This has fostered a culture of preparedness and resilience in the region.