Mochko police thwart drug, betel nuts delivery attempts

KARACHI In a significant law enforcement effort, the Mochko police station in the Keamari district successfully disrupted two attempts to transport drugs and betel nuts on Hub River Road, a vital entry point from Balochistan into Sindh. According to SSP Keamari Arif Aslam Rao, the first operation resulted in the confiscation of 132 kg of illicit betel nut from a vehicle. Three suspects involved in the smuggling, identified as Zulfiqar, Bilawal, and Gul Sher, were apprehended and the seized contraband and vehicles were taken into police custody. In a separate operation, an individual named Abdul Basit was arrested after recovering 250 grams of ice from possession during a routine check. Legal proceedings have been initiated against the arrested individuals and further investigations are underway to uncover any potential connections or networks involved in these illicit activities.

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