Hazara Police prepare rigorous security measures for Muharram

ABBOTTABAD: Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Police Hazara Region Tahir Ayub Khan on Tuesday issued directives aimed at bolstering security arrangements ahead of Muharram-ul-Haram. The DIG instructed District Police Officers (DPOs) to implement stringent measures to ensure peace and security during the holy month. Key directives include the personal assessment of security at Imam Bargahs, places of worship, procession routes, and major mosques across the region. No gatherings or processions will be permitted without prior approval. To enhance surveillance capabilities, closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras will be strategically deployed along procession routes for continuous monitoring and recording of activities. Specialized units including bomb disposal squads and canine teams will be deployed to secure Imam Bargahs and procession routes, ensuring the safety of participants and onlookers. Additional security measures will see the deployment of white tents, lady police officers, and other units at Imam B argahs. Checkpoints will be established at entry points and surrounding areas of Imam Bargahs to conduct thorough screenings of participants. In a proactive move against potential threats, search and strike operations will target areas adjacent to Imam Bargahs, focusing on identifying and addressing illegal activities. Daily inspections of hotels, inns, and hostels will be conducted by local police stations, with detailed reports submitted to senior officers for scrutiny. The DIG emphasized strict vigilance over individuals flagged in the Schedule Four list and other suspicious persons, ensuring their movements are closely monitored throughout the period. A dedicated control room at the district level will facilitate real-time coordination and swift responses to any security challenges that may arise. Legal measures will be enforced against those found misusing loudspeakers, and strict action will be taken against any attempts to propagate sectarianism or create unrest via social media platforms or other m eans. Furthermore, the DIG directed DPOs to prioritize enhanced security arrangements for non-nationals and ongoing developmental projects in the Hazara region. Continuous communication with security heads overseeing these projects is encouraged to promptly address any security concerns through effective dialogue and immediate resolution based on priority grounds.